Will my scheme get planning permission?

An initial opinion on the chances of getting permission

We can provide our clients with an authoritative initial opinion on the chances of getting planning permission for a specified development proposal.

We have people with the experience and expertise to advise our clients on the likelihood of gaining consent before they spend time and incur expenditure on negotiating terms for acquisition, engaging architects and commissioning specialist studies. Many local planning authorities now charge developers for pre-application meetings. Our service can save clients these costs if the scheme has little prospect of gaining consent.

We use a tailored range of planning skills to provide a speedy assessment of the prospects of permission being granted for proposals on sites our clients already own or are considering acquiring. In reaching our assessment, we consider the scheme and the site in relation to:

– National planning policies
– Local policies in the relevant parts of the Development Plan
– Landscape designations
– Development control criteria and design considerations
– Highways access, public transport and parking
– Drainage and flood risk
– Ecology, wildlife and tree cover
– Ground condition and contamination

Increasingly, councils require more and more information from applicants. Often, the list of requirements grows during the pre-application period, but with no guarantee that permission will ultimately be granted. Our service enables our clients to weigh up the costs of undertaking this work in relation to the likelihood of gaining planning consent.


If you require assistance with a planning application or appeal, contact us for impartial advice and a fixed fee proposal.
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