Complaint Handling

We can provide a comprehensive complaint handling service for clients who have not received a fair or acceptable service from any public sector organisation or professional association.   Our team of solicitors, chartered secretaries and town planners are skilled in handling complaints robustly and tactfully. The service is confidential and very responsive to the outcomes that clients’ stipulate.   

Our team have held senior levels within various organisations and have managed complaints from an organisation’s perspective.  This insight provides greater awareness of the issues which administrations have to deal with and as a result allows our clients achieve a more speedy resolution to the matter concerned.

We have been engaged to conduct official complaints regarding a variety of professional matters including particular Council’s behaviour and inpidual councillor’s conduct. We have expertise in submitting substantial complaints to the internal systems within Councils and also to Ombudsman, Standards Board and when necessary to the police. 

In some cases, certain behaviour, even if conducted by a public servant can result in a criminal offence being committed.  A position of power does not provide any defence from incompetent or corrupt behaviour and indeed, people in public office are more rigorously monitored than the general public.

In these situations we can identify the implicated party, isolate their actions and submit complaints to the police to investigate. We ascertain the administrative routes that should have been followed examine policy application and identify weaknesses or breaches which need action and in some cases compensation for the clients due any inconvenience or suffering they may have had to endure.

We understand that making an official complaint can be a daunting process. We will advise clients as to whether there are alternative options to gaining redress and give an honest opinion as to success through complaints procedure.   Should complaint proceedings commence then we strive, as advocate, to provide the buffer for our client meaning that the client need not have any communication with the other side and any correspondence whatsoever is directed to ourselves. 

There is never a guarantee to achieving a desired result however, our track record is such that management and monitoring systems have been examined and overhauled in organisations as a consequence of matters which we have scrutinised and brought to official notice through complaints. Client’s Cost Awards have been granted when unreasonable conduct has been shown to be evident.

If you require assistance with any grievance you have, contact us for impartial advice and a fixed fee proposal.

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