"Too Suburban"

Appeal against North Dorset District Council’s decision to refuse Planning Permission for the Erection of a Detached Dwelling and Detached Garage

Appeal Ref APP/N1215/A/11/2156181

The site location was the picturesque village of Pidney, Sturminster Newton in Dorset which falls under North Dorset District Council.  Planning permission for a new dwelling had already been awarded at the site however, the client decided that they wanted to alter the design and increase the size of their proposed new house.  The specialist construction company, Border Oak, known for their sympathetic and aesthetically pleasing, classically rural style buildings, had been commissioned to construct the new property and they duly submitted the updated plans.  However, on 25th May 2011, North Dorset Planning Department refused the application, claiming the design was, in their opinion, “too suburban”.  The clients were very unhappy and disagreed with the Council’s opinion so they contacted Planning Appeals Limited/ The Planning Group Ltd to enquire as to whether a planning appeal would achieve the desired results.
Wayne Barraball, BA, MRTPI and associate of both Planning Appeals Limited and The Planning Group Ltd, was assigned the case and set about investigating and producing an appeal statement.  He revealed that the Council agreed that the proposal complied with sustainable development and replacement dwellings policies.  Wayne also pointed out that the new design was in keeping with other properties in the village and that other new development, that did not boast many sympathetic design qualities, had taken place in the village.  Wayne demonstrated that our client’s proposal’s good design complied with National Planning Policy Framework and Local Plan Policies he provided an in-depth analysis of the planned property.

The Inspector agreed with our arguments and allowed the appeal, concluding that the area’s character and appearance would not be materially harmed by the proposal.