Permitted Development Rights are Applicable in the Green Belt

Application ref 11/03212/PLUD

Our client had submitted a planning application to the London Borough of Bromley for the erection of a detached single storey log cabin in rear garden. The LPA refused the application for the following reason:-

“The proposal by reason of its location within the Green Belt would result in inappropriate development.  No very special circumstances exist to warrant setting aside normal policy requirements and as such, the outbuilding would constitute inappropriate development detrimental to the openness and visual amenities of the Green Belt, contrary to Policy G1 of the adopted Unitary Development Plan and central government guidance contained in PPG2 “Green Belts”.

The client contacted Planning Appeals Ltd / The Planning Group Ltd for advice as to whether an appeal was the way forward.

After careful consideration, we advised the client to submit an application for a Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development, we were duly instructed. Dave Richards was assigned the case and we proceeded by slightly amended the siting of the proposed log cabin and carefully drafted an accompanying planning statement setting out the parameters and dimensional specification for the proposed development

8 weeks later the LPA approved the application and the client has completed the development which is proving to be of great benefit in assisting with the provision of care for a family member.